About Hacker's Perspective 

Hacker’s Perspective LLC is a family run small business dedicated to improving information security for business.  We believe that by educating business leaders, we can make an impact on the future of information security and give back to the InfoSec community.  Therefore, we specialize in education and training, to both the senior-leader and to technical personnel.  We offer full spectrum information security assessments; from physical to remote network penetration.  Please email Brian <@> hackersperspective<.>com to schedule a free consultation.

Brian Pacchelli is the founder of Hacker’s Perspective.  He brings a vast array of experience to the company.  A twenty three year Air Force member, he has been in the information security world for the last eight years with the Kansas Air National Guard.  His current full-time position asks him to lead a team of information security professionals as both a Team Chief and a Technical Lead for the 177th Information Aggressor Squadron.  Brian’s world wide experience boasts more than 25 Network Warfare Missions on keyboard.

The company’s focus on education is derived from Brian’s experience as an adjunct professor for Friends University.  Brian started in teaching in 2004 and specializes in teaching Information Security and Management Information Systems at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.  Currently teaching in the MBA program, Brian is guiding local business leaders in their search for knowledge.  Brian serves as an advisor in the student’s thesis writing process, and serves on the advisory board to the college for Cyber Security/Forensics curriculum.

Brian earned his Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems from Friends University in 1997, and his Master’s In Business Administration in 1999 from Baker University.  He commissioned in the Air Force in 2005 after returning from a tour in Afghanistan.  He served 15 enlisted years where he has deployed for multiple contingencies, including Operations: Desert Storm, Noble Eagle, and Enduring Freedom.

Brian and his wife Dana have five children and two grand children.