We can help your company be prepared for the future as the need to secure personal and company data becomes more urgent.

Full Spectrum Infomation Security Training

We are trained to be able to communicate with CEOs and Network Adminstrators alike, because Information Security Awareness is important at all levels, from executive leaders to technical personnel. 

Your Strategic leaders must be aware of what specific threats face your compnay and industry so they can make informed decisions about company growth and future direction.  At the same time, your daily operations managers need to implement that strategic direction by implementing the policy and controls specified by senior leadership properly.  Without a true perspective of the threat, knowing where to implement controls and defensive measures would be impossible.

Technical people in the orgainzation are repsonsible for installing the techncial means to defend your assets and information.  They must be aware of the threat to better implement these measures.

Lastly, but possible most importantly, your employees need to know that they are potential targets for a hacker and that the threat to their personal data nd your company's information is real and peristent. 

Please contact us to setup an initial consultation where we can build a strategic approach together thatwill leave your company better defended and ready for any attempt.

Vulnerability Assesments and Penetration Testing

Need an expert to asses your network or mission critical system?  We can scan for vulnerabilites from outside your network or from your location.  Each location offers different benefits to to help you secure your information
Please contact us to setup an initial consultation where we can discuss more specifics.